MyBookie Sportsbook and Racebook have been online since 2014 and have offer sports bets, horse racing bets and casino games to provide a complete online gambling experience.  They offer online and mobile gaming through a solid mobile-optimized website.  They have a player rewards program called My Free Bet, offer welcome bonus codes, bonuses for return players, casino bonuses and creative additional bonuses to keep players engaged and entertained.

MyBookie also has a Casino.  My review of their Casino Bonus Codes can be found here.


Available Bonuses


BonusBonus TypeBonus Conditions
50% Sports Sign-Up50% deposit match bonusInitial deposit only, 10x wagering requirement, use code USABETS at new account registration
10% Cash Bonus10% deposit match bonusInitial deposit only, $200 max bonus, 1x wagering requirement
150% Casino Bonus150% deposit match bonusFirst deposit only, $45 minimum deposit, $750 max bonus, 40x wagering requirement
25% Sports Reload25% deposit match bonus$100 minimum deposit, 5x wagering requirement
8% Horse RebateUp to 8% rebate on racebook actionQualified tracks only, 1x rollover requirement, straight bets = 3%, exotic bets = 8% on A tracks, 5% on B tracks and 3% on C tracks
200% Referral Bonus200% bonus based on referral's deposit amount5x rollover requirement
10 is the Magic NumberFree deposit after 10 consecutive deposits without withdrawingFree deposit will be the average of the 10 previous deposits, 10x wagering requirement, account balance must be $0
No Fun Refund100% wager refundIf your team loses on a late game-winning score after scoring a TD with less than 5 minutes remaining, gets flagged for excessive celebration your wager will be refunded.
SupermanDouble your winnings if you pick and win every NFL game against the spreadMust hit every pick against the spread correctly. minimum $20 wager on each pick. Free play bets do not count. Must request bonus by emailing [email protected]
Fresh StartGet one bet freePlayers must lose 20 consecutive bets, $10 minimum wager, multiple wagers on one event count as one wager, bonuses excluded, must request bonus by emailing [email protected]


Why Should I Play at MyBookie Sportsbook?

  • 50% Deposit Bonus
  • Sportsbook and Casino in one
  • Creative and Fun Bonuses
  • Bookie Points and My Free Bets Player Rewards Programs
  • Expansive Online Knowledge Base and Customer Support


MyBookie Sportsbook Overview

No Deposit Bonus50% Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus Cashable/StickySticky
Instant PlayYes
Payment MethodsVisa,
Bitcoin Cash,
Visa Prepaid Gift Cards,
MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards,
SupportLive Chat, Email: [email protected]
Casino PlatformBetsoft
Game TechnologyHTML5


New Account Registration at MyBookie Sportsbook



MyBookie has a fantastically simple account registration page.  You can enter all of your info on one page instead of making you go through multiple screens to complete your registration.  As with other gambling sites, you want to make sure you’re entering your full legal name and billing address information.  Since money is involved MyBookie will be verifying this info via photo ID when you’re ready to withdraw your winnings from your MyBookie account.


Redeeming Bonuses


There are several ways to redeem bonus codes at MyBookie.  Your first opportunity you get to redeem a welcome bonus is on the new account registration page.  Entering your bonus code on this screen makes your bonus available to use when you make your first deposit:


As you probably noticed in the list of bonuses available on MyBookie, there are multiple welcome bonus codes available to you.  If you want to choose a different welcome bonus, click on SEE MORE OPTIONS  to select from the other welcome bonus codes available to you:


These are the options that were available to me after completing registration.  You can see the three welcome bonus codes and three other available bonuses listed. If you want to enter a separate bonus code you can also enter it at the bottom.  If for some reason you want to deposit without cashing in any bonus, you can also do that here.  Selecting your bonus where will apply the bonus code to your account:


Wagering Requirements


Like all other online casinos and sportsbooks, MyBookie offers bonus money to players.  Bonus codes are often used to introduce players to new games or features at the sportsbook or casino. These bonuses have wagering requirements that must be met before playwers are allowed to cash out their winnings.  Wagering requirements are known as Rollover at MyBookie.  Wagering requirements are used by online casinos to make sure that players do not withdraw their bonus money without first placing bets.  Fortunately the wagering requirements are straightforward at MyBookie, and they do a good job of explaining the differences and advantages for different bonuses.

MyBookie does a fantastic job of explaining what their wagering requirements / rollover are.  They have an entire page dedicated to explaining how their wagering requirements are calculated.  Wagering requirements for deposit bonuses are based on the amount of the bonus amount awarded.  In addition to showing you how to calculate wagering requirements, they break down sportsbook bonuses and casino bonuses here:

The USABETS bonus is a 50% deposit match bonus.  That means that MyBookie wiil deposit a bonus amount that is 50% of your deposit.

If you deposit $200, you’ll receive a bonus amount of $100.  MyBookie’s wagering requirement is the deposit amount and bonus amount added together then multiplied by a multiplier.  For USABETS the wagering requirement multiplier is 10x so your total wagering requirement looks like this

($200 (deposit amount) + $100 (bonus amount)) x 10 (wagering requirement) = $3000 wagering requirement.


MyBookie offers several different bonuses to suit lots of different kinds of players.  Some bonuses are low-risk, low-reward and others have stronger requirements but much larger bonus amounts.  Selecting a suitable bonus code all depends on your comfort level and how you intend to wager.

Now that we’ve gone through wagering requirements, let’s get into what you’re here for…  the bonuses!


MyBookie Welcome Bonus Code: USABETS

The first bonus code you can redeem is USABETS.  It’s a 50% deposit match bonus and in order to redeem this bonus you enter USABETS into the Promo Code field circled on the Account Registration page shown here:


Like I mentioned before, MyBookie does an amazing job of explaining the terms and conditions for each bonus code.  THis is how MyBookie breaks down the USABETS bonus code:


USABETS is good for initial deposits only.  This bonus code is good because it has a relatively low wagering requirement of 10x.  Some of the larger bonuses have wagering requirements of 30-40x which can take a while to play through, especially on sportsbooks, where typically one event counts as one wager, no matter how many different plays you make on the event.


MyBookie Welcome Bonus: 10% Cash Bonus


The is another welcome deposit bonus that MyBookie offers to new players.  This bonus comes with a smaller bonus amount but also comes with a smaller wagering requirement.  This is a great bonus if you are a new player and want to get familiar with how wagering requirements and rollover work.


MyBookie Customer Bonus: 25% Reload


For existing customers MyBookie offers a 25% deposit match bonus with a low 5x wagering requirement.  Personally, I like bonuses with low wagering requirements because I can switch up my game play if I want.  This one is pretty straight forward, but is only available for a limited time as of the writing of this review so jump on it if you can.


MyBookie Customer Bonus: 8% Horse Rebate


If you like playing the horses this one is also pretty straightforward with a 1x rollover requirement.  Here the rebate amount varies depending on the bet and the tracks.  You can get information on how tracks are rated here.  Straight bets on all tracks = 3% rebate, exotic bets = 8% on A tracks, 5% on B tracks and 3% on C tracks.


MyBookie Customer Bonus: 200% Referral Bonus


This is an interesting bonus code that gets you 200% of the deposit amounts your friends make when they use your referral code.  If you want to tip me for this review my referral code is:


Feel free to deposit the big bucks and maximize my bonus!  ?

The wagering requirement for this referral bonus is only 5x making this a very attractive bonus to play with.


MyBookie Additional Bonus:10 is the Magic Number


MyBookie even makes your deposits a game.  If you find yourself making multiple deposits without withdrawing funds MyBookie will credit you a bonus equalling the average of your ten previous deposits:

($50 + $100 + $75 + $50 + $100 + $50 + $100 + $50 + $75 + 100) / 10 = $75 bonus deposit amount.


The bonus has a 10x wagering requirement and your amount balance must be at $0 in order to redeem this promotion.s

Lastly and most importantly, this bonus must be redeemed by emailing [email protected].  It is not an automatic credit so make sure you’ve kept good track of your deposits before reaching out to get your free bonus.


MyBookie Additional Bonus: No Fun Refund


This one also takes the sting out of losing a last minute NFL game.  If you placed a non-bonus, real money wager on a team and they

  1. score a late TD (5 minutes or less or OT) then
  2. gets penalized for excessive celebration or taunting then
  3. loses the game on a late score

MyBookie will refund you 100% of your wager.  That sounds like a really convoluted way to get a refund on your bet but how many times have you seen your team do exactly what I just described?!

To get your refund you must email [email protected] within 48 hours of the game ending.  This too is not an automatic credit to your account.


MyBookie Additional Bonus: Superman


If you want an interesting way to play the NFL week you can try betting against the spread on every NFL game in an NFL weekly schedule in the regular season.  If you pick correctly for all games MyBookie will double your winnings.  Of course this means you need to bet ATS on every game and MyBookie requires a minimum $20 real-money (no bonus money) bet on each game.

Like the other additional bonuses, to get your refund you must email [email protected] within 48 hours of the game ending.  This too is not an automatic credit to your account.


MyBookie Additional Bonus: Fresh Start


Got a string of bad luck going?  MyBookie gives you a chance to turn things around with a bonus in the amount of the average of the last twenty $10+ bets you lost.  Each of the twenty bets must have been played with real money.  Free play bonus money does not count towards this promotion.

As with the other additional bonuses, you must email [email protected] within 48 hours of the game ending.  This is not an automatic credit to your account and requires validation time before the bonus is credited to your account.


Depositing Money

MyBookie accepts a wide variety of funding sources you can use to deposit money into your player account.  Visa / MasterCard and Bitcoin are the most common methods so I’ll cover these:

To make a deposit at MyBookie you’ll need to navigate to the cashier.  This is labelled as the Deposit Now button:



Once you click on the Deposit Now button, you’ll be taken to the cashier deposit screen where you’ll be presented with bonus and funding options for your deposit:


Step one, before you forget, is to make sure you’ve selected the deposit bonus code you’d like to redeem.  Don’t forget to review all the deposit bonus options to make sure you’re choosing the right one:


After selecting your bonus, the next step is to select the funding option you’d like to use to deposit money into your MyBookie account.  Visa and MasterCard are no different than making purchases online.  Simply make sure your card info is accurate and if you entered fully accurate billing information at new account registration then you’re set.  No credit card authorization payment forms to submit before you can play.


Bitcoin is equally simple.  Simply copy the wallet address or scan the wallet QR code with your eWallet software and you’re ready to transfer your funds to MyBookie.


Both credit card and Bitcoin transfers are automatic.   Credit cards must be authorized for international transactions have a max transaction limit of $2,500.  MyBookie recommends using Bitcoin because there are fewer obstacles to transferring money.  Since there aren’t any banks involved the success rate for Bitcoin transactions are successful 100% of the time, there are higher deposit limits, no limits on how many deposits can be made per day and payouts to your Bitcoin wallet are faster as well.


Withdrawing Money


Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming at MyBookie is clean and simple just like their online casino.  All sports and casino games are easy to access using clear and easy links on their mobile website.



My Free Bet


MyBookie has player rewards program known as My Free Bet.  It’s a pretty straightforward program. You earn a star for each real-money bet you place.  Once you accumulate 10 stars you get a free bet.  The amount of the free bet will be 10% of the average of the 10 real-money bets you placed.  There is a 1x wagering requirement on your My Free Bet Reward.  Rewards are automatically deposited to your account if you’ve opted-in to the reward program.  To opt in, simply click on the My Free Bet Rewards in your account menu:


From there you will be taken to the rewards program page where you can see how many stars you’ve earned and the transactions associated with your stars.


Knowledge Base

I’ve referred to this a few times earlier but I’m impressed with MyBookie’s knowledge base.  They have a lot of articles that detail the different terms and rules and calculations that need to be made when deciding which bonuses to choose from.  It’s important to me to make sure I don’t get tied up and risk my winnings just to play through outrageously large wagering requirements.  I was happy to see suggestions in MyBookies’ terms and conditions that make suggestions about when bonuses should be redeemed:


Definitely take a moment to review the House Rules.  Just like other online casinos and sportsbooks the rules can be changed at the discretion of MyBookie without written notice. Fortunately just like the rest of the knowledge base, the language is written clearly and is easy to understand.


So far I’ve been intrigued with the different types of bonuses that MyBookie offers to its players.  I definitely like the lower wagering requirements and am impressed with the clear explanations on the requirements for the different bonuses offered and in the knowledge base.  It should give new players confidence to learn about the world of online sportsbooks.  It definitely makes it easier for players at all levels to choose which bonuses to redeem when you’re getting started.


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